Discovery Chemistry

CsFlowChem staff´s have supported client´s projects successfully over the past years.

Process Chemistry and Route Scouting

A broad spectrum of services for route and process development.

Medicinal Chemistry

CsF provides a wide range of services as a part of integrated drug discovery services.

Flow chemistry Services

From development to plant production. Covering the total proccess.


Total processes and products traceability

Quality, flexibility and fast solutions

Total IP protection

Rapid and efficient tech transfer

Efficient Comunication

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A few words about us

CsF is a company based in Madrid (Spain), strategically located in western Europe inside the UE.  100% private company led by a senior staff highly specialized with over 20 years in international pharmaceutical R&D and focus on pharmaceutical activities.

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Our staff provide the best performance for our customer projects, with the most modern technics and strategies: “Our commitment is to accomplish our customer needs, with the best performance and the most modern technology”.

20 Years of Experience

In pharma industry

150 m2

Of laboratories

20 Success

projects managed last year

Around 25

Analytical technics available

No better place for research

A perfect location

The scientific and research culture is an important part of CEU San Pablo University philosophy and leads it, as an institution, to organize and to be part of national and international programs and projects for the promotion of knowledge and diffusion of science in our society.

Within the campus of Montepríncipe, in a complete facilities for R&D activities, Csflowchem perfoms its activity with the best quality standars.


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